Regional Events

These regional events will empower Americans to engage in robust discussion of pertinent issues and solutions to achieve the Conference goal of developing a roadmap to improve nutrition, end hunger, and reduce diet-related chronic diseases in the United States by 2030. They aim to engage participation and input from multisector stakeholders, including those who can bring perspectives on diverse lived experiences in the food and nutrition opportunities and challenges facing the nation. 

The discussions and outcomes from each event will be summarized as standalone outputs and will also inform a final report of policy recommendations that will be submitted to the White House for its consideration as it plans the Conference.

Listening Sessions

Events focused on elevating the voices of people who have important lived experiences with hunger, food and nutrition insecurity, and diet-related health conditions to help ensure that any proposed policy solutions center their experiences and needs.

Policy Convenings

Events focused on convening critical viewpoints to identify actionable and equitable federal policy solutions on how to end hunger, improve nutrition, and reduce diet-related chronic diseases in the United States.

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