Our Work

Engaging Key Stakeholders in Hunger, Nutrition, and Health

To create meaningful impact, the Conference will need to have the attention, involvement, and input of diverse and influential external stakeholders, including individuals with lived experiences in the food and nutrition challenges facing our nation. Our coalition is identifying and engaging participation and input from stakeholders in academia, civil society, government, and the private sector, with a special focus on historically underrepresented groups and communities. We will conduct work to engage subject matter experts, not-for-profit organizations and foundations, political representatives, and individuals with boots-on-the-ground, lived experiences to provide key insights into the topics and goals for the Conference. Importantly, this effort is not organized or endorsed by the White House, but represents an independent effort to convene voices from across the nation to help solve the issues at the heart of the Conference.

Chef José Andrés discusses the critical opportunity of the 2022 White House Conference

Prioritizing Equity by Building Longer Tables

This work will include strategic outreach with historically underrepresented leaders and organizations to provide a critical equity lens and ensure that voices of people from the historically underrepresented groups most harmed by our current food system–including racial and ethnic minorities, Americans with lower incomes, and Americans living in rural areas–are at the center of the conversation during the Conference.  Our coalition is leading efforts to engage a network of historically underrepresented community leaders and minority-owned businesses to mobilize inclusive participation. This engagement is essential to painting a  full picture of the inequitable issues our nation faces, and ultimately to solving them.

Bringing Experts, Advocates, and Communities Together

Our coalition plans to hold a series of convenings and dialogues across the country for representatives from multiple sectors, as well as community organizations and individuals, to discuss policy actions to achieve the Conference goals. Informed by these conversations, as well as existing analyses from organizations across the country, the Task Force will craft a report of policy recommendations to deliver to the Biden-Harris Administration ahead of the Conference to help inform their work.

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