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Oct 6, 2022

Dariush Mozaffarian, Heidi M. Blanck, Kathryn M. Garfield, Alissa Wassung & Ruth Petersen. Nature Medicine (2022)

Suboptimal nutrition is a leading cause of illness, healthcare spending and lost productivity, predominantly from diet-related chronic diseases but also from undernutrition1,2. These burdens are not evenly distributed, contributing to health disparities affecting people who have lower income, are less educated and are members of minority ethnic groups, who more often have poor diets, hunger and related diseases.

Healthy foods across the lifespan are critical to achieve health and well-being for all, but few sustained healthcare or policy interventions have considered this as a priority. This is now beginning to change in the USA, with promising healthcare-anchored strategies to address food security emerging at local levels3, combined with mounting evidence about and attention to health burdens, costs and inequities attributable to poor diet quality. We highlight two major shifts toward addressing food and nutrition within health-related sectors, which are in need of acceleration.

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Our coalition plans to hold a series of convenings and dialogues across the country for representatives from multiple sectors, as well as community organizations and individuals, to discuss policy actions to achieve the Conference goals.

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We are collecting reports, white papers, briefs, and articles that contain policy recommendations for ending hunger, improving nutrition, and reducing diet-related chronic diseases. The focus is on domestic (U.S) policy recommendations that have been published in the past 10 years. These resources will be made available to our Task Force and may inform its final report of policy recommendations which will be submitted to the White House.

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